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Updated: December 8, 2017

November 2017

DMD 2260 Disc Mower - Coalton, WV
Hi Steve,
Hay season is over. We were totally satisfied with the quality and performance of the disc mower we purchased.

The service we received, while in the process of purchasing a new mower, was excellent. A great machine for the price!
Thank you and hope to do more business in the future.


October 2017

FSBM-5H Farm Maxx - Enorossi, Sickle Bar Mower - Glenfield, NY
Got it together and tried mowing some heavy weeds and it worked well as I had hoped. I had to do I little modifying to hook the chain to the center post of my 3-point hitch and made a 3 foot extension for the hydraulic hose..

The machine is a good fit to my John Deere 1026R.
I was a little worried it might be a little unwieldy but it seems to handle well. My wife joked and said I looked like the "Grim Reaper" when the cutter bar is in the vertical position.

We plan to get a lot of use out of it.
I would give this very well built machine 5 stars.

September 2017

T10 - 66g Phoenix Tiller - Scottsdale, AZ
Tiller received - thank you so much.
I'll leave you a nice review on Yelp shortly. I am sure we will do business again.

New Kubota Tractor - Hampstead, NC
I bought a tractor from you a long time ago you were the best person I have ever dealt with. Now I need to buy another one.
Do you still sell tractors?

Steve's Reply:
Hi JR,
Thanks or the note and kind words.
I sold the tractor dealerships parts of my business 9 years ago.
While we no longer sell or service tractors, we do broker tractor and implements packages for customers and also offer leasing / lease to own programs. Most of our business is DIRCT selling/ship new implements and attachments to retail buyers from www.carverequipment.com.

One of my favorite tractor dealers is ____in ____.
Talk with Charlie ____.

Happy shopping and take care,

Zachzary, LA
FSBM-7H Enorossi Farm Maxx Sickle Bar Mower

Hey Steve,
I've used my sickle mower some and am pleased with it.
I have a Kubota M 6070 cab tractor which has a 62 hp PTO rating. I'm looking for a well built gear drive forward rotation tiller for the rating of of tractor.
Can you make some recommendations?
I'll be using this tiller on my deer foodplots after discing the plots first so the ground will already be rough plowed up.

August 2017

FSBM7H Sickle Bar Mower, 7 ft. - Western North Carolina
The Enrossi 7' sickle bar mower was picked up in Wilson, NC at the distribution center. Easy to find and very helpful folks.
After getting back home, it took about 2 and one half hours to assembly it working alone. The mower is heavy and very well built.
It's really nice being able to raise and lower the sickle bar from the seat. The ability to cut at different angles as on inclines and banks is a great benefit.
I recommend this mower and if you have time and ability to assembly, purchasing from Steve Carver.

B. in NC

Tel Trax Canopy installed on JD 2320 - Medenia, TN
I like the canopy tor my 2320 John Deere.
It got here in six days from the date I ordered.
I thought I might not be able to park the tractor back in my garage.
I was talking to a neighbor of mine the next morning about some one to cut down the roll over bar. It did not add but about one inch to the height.
So on that I left the cutting of the bar alone. I also told him how nice you had been during the order process. After trying to get a canopy for the last two years from the John Deere dealers (four)in my area it was so nice to talk to someone willing to help.
My neighbor asked where were the instruction.
I said after looking on line before I called you it looked easy enough.
After one hour he and I had it on in place and I was very glad of the way it looked. My neighbor wanted your e-mail address so he could order him one.
Thanks again for the great service.
Yours truly,

Farm Maxx FTL-60 g Tiller - Friendsville, MD
Hello Steve,
I can not be more pleased with the tiller I purchased from you.
I was really impressed on how well the tiller was packaged, it had so much bubble rap around it and with the wooden crate I don't know if it could have been damaged, everything was great.
I am so glad you recommended the PATS quick hitch, it makes hooking up so easy. You made the whole process of purchasing the tiller so worry free, I definitely would recommend you to everyone.

July 2017

FSBM7H Farm Maxx Enorossi 7 ft Sickle Bar Mower, Maine
Mr. Carver,
With the help of two floor jacks, I had my new Enorossi - Farm Maxx 7' sickle bar mower assembled and operating with 22.5 hours.
After a full week's work, it works very nicely.
Thank you.

FTL-72g Farm Max Tiller, Georgetown, SC
Thanks Steve for making it so easy.
We love it.
Kind regards,

FTH-84g Farm Maxx Tiller, Tell City, IN
Thanks Steve. Pleasure meeting you.
My hauler said at the distributin center in Wilson NC was a snap and he was gone. If I need anything in the future I will let you know.

Canopy for Construction Equipment - Asphalt Roller, Chichester, NH
Thanks for the encouraging words.
My customer was very pleased with the canopy and the protection from the elements when in operation.
Great product. We are impressed and thanks for letting me know it arrived. Your team has great communications.

Various equipment shipped to Alaska
Hi Steve,
Thanks you for sharing this awesome deal with us.
We love our equipment we bought from you these past few years. It all works awesome!

June 2017

Farm Maxx Tiller, Model FTL-60g, 60", Maryland
Hi Steve,
We got the tiller yesterday and could not be more pleased. The tiller was packaged well and arrived without any scratches or dents. The paint job on the tiller is better than some cars I've seen in car lots. Looks so good I almost hate to get it dirty.

Thanks for recommending and selling me the PATS QUICK HITCH. After I installed them on my tractor and cut the pto shaft (had to cut 2 inches off), I started tilling a little spot for my wife's sweet corn garden plot. This Farm Maxx FTL 60G tiller did an excellent job, after just one pass look like you were ready to plant.

Steve, I cannot thank you enough for the help and service you gave me. I will definitely be recommending you to others, and the Pats quick hitch was money well spent, makes hooking up the tiller and brush hog mower so much easier.
Thanks again for your service.

Enorossi-Farm Maxx - Sickle Bar Mower-5 ft - FSBM5H, Maryland
Thanks for all of your guidance helping us assembled the mower. We had not had any experience with this kind of task in the past. Now that we are all together and working the mower, I am very impressed with its engineering.

If anyone asks me about it, I will recommend it highly and encourage them to contact you.

Have a summer.

Sicma - Phoenix Finishing Mower, 6 ft, M72 - Indiana
Hi Steve,
Really happy with the Sicma Phoenix M72-S Finishing mower! It does an outstanding job, and looks good doing it. I'm absolutely amazed by how quiet the unit is; the blade noise is even quieter than many much smaller mowers.

I designed a modification to the lower hitch arms that will permit connection with my Quick Hitch.

As much as anything, I am pleased with the service and responsiveness you've provided. I got the definite impression that you appreciated my business and am glad to have chosen you as my supplier for this product. Should I find myself in need of a similar product(s) in the future, you will be at the top of my list.


Carver-Teltrax Canopy - New Holland Tractor Model 4630, Ohio
Hi Steve,
The canopy arrived today in perfect condition. Installed without any problems. It looks great and I am glad we went with the larger size. It fits and looks real good.


Phoenix - Sicma Finishing 84 inch Mower Model M84S - Florida
Hi Steve,
Just a few words to let you know we got the mower in perfect condition and have been catching up on our mowing.

Thanks for a smooth transaction and a great mower. Regards,

Morra - Fort Hay Tool Parts to Virginia
It has been a pleasure to do business with your company. While my order was a small one, you gave it your full attention and was truly dedicated to fulfilling my need.

You were prompt and thorough with identifying the availability and cost of my parts. I'm sure we will continue to do business together.

Thank you.

May 2017

M84S Finishing Mower, TN
Good morning Steve.
Couldn't asked for better service from you.
Just wanted to update you. Got the unit (M84-S) late yesterday. Unit was complete and accurate. Only had scratches to paint damage in several areas. Not something one wants but not totally unexpected.

Overall you have provided me with a great purchase experience. I will recommend you to others and will come to you with future purchases when needed.

Thanks again.

Fort - Morrah, DMD Disc Mower, Virginia
Thank you Steve for all your help.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Its hard to find someone that goes above and beyond to help.
Thanks again.
Jerry, NC

M72S Phoenix (Sicma) Finishing Mower, TN
Good job! Mr. Carver,
FYI - I do believe that you provided prompt service - the parts themselves were fairly priced. This was a hassel-free transaction.

You seemed to "want" my business and didn't make me feel that my business was a waste of your time.

Thank you sir and have a wonderful day.

M72S Phoenix (Sicma) Finishing Mower, Pennsylvania
Steve, picked up mower. I have it assembled.
Thanks for making this so easy!!

M84S Phoenix (Sicma) Finishing Mower, South Carolina
Hi Mr Carver.
I just wanted to say this Phoenix 84" mower exceeded my expectations. Very well built. I'm certain that I'm going to get many years out of it.

Compared to the Caroni I've been running for 10 years this mower is far superior. My only regret is waiting so long to buy one.

Thanks so much,

Farm Maxx FTM-72G 6 foot (72") rotary tiller, W. Virginia
Finally got to use my new Farm Maxx FTM-72G 6 foot (72") rotary tiller. All I can say is WOW.
I plowed the garden with a turning plow and let it set for a few days (been rainy here). Ran through (1) time and it looked like a flower bed.

It really tore up the ground. The tiller is so quiet, you almost donít know itís running. I would recommend this tiller to anyone who needs this size. I have a 4520 Branson 47 horsepower and it doesn't labor at all.

Speedy delivery, very reasonable shipping charges.
Hey Everybody...Buy from Steve...You wonít regret it.


April 2017

M72S Phoenix (Sicma) Finishing Mower
Hey Steve,

We received the finish mower we ordered in about 3 days. We assembled it and put it to work the following day. Although it looks identical to the one we were using the spindles and blade attachment appear to be a little more substantial. We are looking forward to a productive mowing season for the crew that uses it each week.

Our purchasing experience with you all was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend you all or come back for repeat business should the need arise.
I hope you have a blessed and successful 2017.

Terrel, NC

M72S Phoenix (Sicma) Finishing Mower
Steve, this is what I should have been using to cut my grass the last 10 years. The transaction was very simple, and shipping was easy and the assembly was very straight forward for a non-mechanical person.

The cut on this is so nice! It better than my JD GT 235 and on my JD 3520 that the mower is attached, I can mow my yard in half the time.
Also, Steve is such a pleasure to work with!

Phil in PA

March 2017

Farm Maxx - Enorossi FSBM-7H Sickle Bar Mower - Wisconsin
I picked up my FSBM-7H Sickle bar mower on Friday 3/17 from the freight terminal. I assembled it today and found that the Tie Rod Hook was missing.

Please send a replacement as we discussed. Other than the missing part I think everything else was there. I am very pleased with the excellent communication and prompt service you provided in this transaction.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Tiller replacement parts to KY
I have installed my tiller parts and pleased to say I am a happy customer! I am so glad I was able to get all the parts I needed to fix my tiller. I am ready to play in the dirt!

Thanks so much.

Tiller replacement parts to KY
Hi Steve, and Company,

Yea, the tiller parts are on and believe it or not I got it running again, yesterday. Thanks for the service, and your understanding when a couple of parts were missing on the order.

Everything went smooth. I will assuredly keep you in mind in the future if and when I might need anything else that you might offer.

Take care, and thanks
Jim, VA

January 2017

Sickle Bar Mower, Virginia
Dear Steve,
My son tells me that The Mower arrived in Fishersville today.
This was shockingly fast service! I have a hard time imagining that the money associated with my check.

Thanks for the speedy service,

January 2017

Finishing Mower to S.Carolina
We purchased a Phoenix 7 foot finish mower and couldn't be more satisfied. I got prompt replies to questions as I was determining which machine to purchase. Delivery was quick with problems.
I would recommend Carver Equipment to anyone considering equipment attachments.

Jim P.
Orangeburg, SC

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