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December 2014

Parts for First Choice Tiller, MS
Thank you for all the help to get us the right parts for our First Choice tiller. We are working again.

November 2014

7 ft Sickle bar mower, VA
Hi Steve,
The freight company loaded us at the terminal. They were very nice. Assembly went well. My cousin helped me. It mows like a dream..... Thanks again, It's a pleasure to do business with you'all.

November 2014

60" Greenscape Seeder, NJ
Carver Team,
The seeder is awesome. We should have bought one years ago. Thanks for making the purchase so easy.

October 2014

84" Phoenix Finishing Mower, Creedmoor, NC
Thanks Steve,
Everything went well at the distribution center warehouse. Really nice folks.
Got home late Friday evening with mower and had it assembled by 8:30PM. Knocked out 4 acres with it Sat. in a hour & 45 min and that included working around some trees.
Seams to be built well.
Left a beautiful manicured look.
It's the bomb!

August 2014

Sickle Bar Mower, PA
Hi Steve....got the new Farm Maxx ( Rossi) sickle bar mower mounted on my John Deere 950 3 cyl diesel and mows awesome. I had a long hose made and connected it to my FEL bucket roll valve connect.

I adjusted the hydraulic flow controls so I could best manage to sickle bar up/down speed and "fine tuning" when mowing. I have mowed around my pond with the bar tilted down and along the edge of my fields close to the tree line as well as mowing high tough grass. I did clog/plug the mower up a couple times, but it is so easy to unplug.....just back up a foot or lift it up and let it down. The dual action cleans itself out.

My only complaint is the directions could be a little better in places about explaining why some hookups have to be done. But overall I found it easy to assemble.

  - GS in PA.

August 2014

Sickle Bar Mower, PA
eBay sent this message to Steve Carver (eBay Account name: urlookinggood).
Dear urlookinggood Steve at CarverEquipment.com,
This is an unsolicited plug for the seller because I like honest people. I bought a 7' mower on Steve's last listing. I checked him out thru his bank and the forums and all appeared to say he is what he says. I wired him the money, an invoice was received immediately, and the mower was shipped and received in about 5 days from NC to PA.

I found assembling the mower easy.
My only issue was with the hydraulic hose ends needed for my 1984 950 JD compact tractor and converting from British thread to USA NPT threads. A $2.50 conversion nipples solved that. Steve communicated with me promptly on every question and many of his responses were late at night. I have used the mower around my field edges, my pond and mowing the tall mess in my field. The mower is well built and works awesome! My ebay handle is vettn.

  - Gary in PA

July 2014

New Carver - Tel Trac Canopy to KY
Thank you so much for getting it here on time for my husband's birthday. The canopy installed easy. Looks and works great. I would recommend it to anyone and he loves it!

Thank you, again.
Debbie in KY

July 2014

Received Sickle Mower
Mr. Carver,
Received Sickle mower yesterday July 10th.
Picked it up at Averitt Express Terminal in Bowling Green. Really was set back how fast it was delivered to the terminal. Thought it would be maybe a week or so before it would come in. I took it home and started the assembly right away. The hardest thing to get to go on was the 3-1/2" true arc ring into the groove that connects the blade assembly to the main frame. Everything else was straight forward.

The sickle bar mower works great, it is NOT made in China, and the transaction went very smoothly. Happy to do business with you and glad that there are business people in this world with integrity and honesty.

Thank you,
  - Lawrence in KY

June 2014

Used tractor Purchaser in MI.
Steve, put the little guy to work and he sure is a powerhouse!
We cut down some big pines today and picked up all of the 11 foot logs and stacked them without complaint. Very handy for moving brush etc. With the quotes my son had to do the work we saved him around $1200 today. We'll be cutting another half dozen tomorrow. The only minor problem so far is a small hydraulic leak at a fitting to the hoe, might just need to be tightened. Anyhow, I'm very pleased.

Ron in Michigan

May 2014

Sickle Bar Mower praise
Hi Steve at Fast Forward,
I've been wanting to write to you to say that the 7 foot sickle bar mower has been performing up to my expectations. It makes short work of keeping my 4-wheelers trails open.

Thank you,
Gerry in New Orleans, LA

May 2014

Purchase of New Sickle Bar Mower
Steve, Thank you for the help you gave me. The guys at the warehouse loaded me up with no problem. John and his son were really nice to me. We went straight to the warehouse and back home with no problems. We used our backhoe to unload it. We'll put it together tomorrow.
Once again, thank You for all your help and I will let you know how well it works.
- Ralph near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

May 2014

Equipment appraisals services
Thank you Sir, for your Service to our Country. I always thank fellow vets Face to Face via handshake in public...please consider this our handshake!
I prefer to do business with Veteran owned Businesses before any other.
- Jim, Alabama, USA

November 2013

Purchase of New Tiller
Hi Steve. Tiller came yesterday and brought it home today. I hope it runs as good as its looks. I'm surprised at the welds and paint compared to my king kutter. This thing looks like somebody still had some pride while building.
Looking forward to run it in the ground. Thanks for the good deal and will buy from you again. Thanks - Rex, Morrison, Illinois

Carl in central VA
September 2009
New BX25

Hi, Thank you for the BX 25.  It is really a wonderful machine.  I am having a great time digging up stumps and old fence poles set in concrete.  My 15 year is having a blast helping me now!  I am also the envy of my neighborhood!

Again, many thanks.

John in Low Country, SC
March 2009
New M 7040 HDC

To Carver Equip Team,
Morning, I got down late yesterday and happy with new M7040 cab tractor and log splitter.
After five tractors and RTV deals. I appreciate the way you handle us as a customer.

Dwayne , FL

I got my new tractor from Carver.  Great Price and Great Folks
Steve , Used Mower , IL

Your reputation is well deserved.  I contacted Mike and Vicki, the trucker couple, after receiving notification that the mower had been loaded.

We communicated periodically as they traveled home on Saturday. I borrowed a neighbor's son, truck, and trailer.  The Cooperative where we purchase seed, propane, and fertilizer agreed to let me use their dock.  

Mike arrived on time and we had the machine off his trailer and onto ours in less than twenty minutes.  After a short inspection, I signed the bill20of lading with no comments and he left for his next delivery.  Everyone who saw the mower tho ught it was new.  We returned home and unloaded the ZD, again wit hout incident. 

The mower took a little getting used to.  It sounds more like a grass vacuum than a lawn mower.  I started on the front and made my way to the back yard (4-5 acres total).  And in less than two hours I had finished what usually took between six and eight.  Of course I washed the ZD and gave it a prominent spot in the yard so I can admire it before going to work.  

All in all, I must thank you for the very picture of how business should work.  Carver Equipment delivered exactly what it said it would, and more (thank you for the new blades); exactly when it said it would, and for exactly the price quoted.  When it comes time to purchase a tractor, Carver will be at the top of my list.

Thanks Again,

Joe , Southern CA
Used B21 Tractor Loader Backhoe 

Dear Carver Equip,
The Tractor arrived today on sc hedule. I love it. It's everything you said it was. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and your crew, very pro fessional from start to finish.

Thanks again.

Tim in NM

Dear Steve:
Just wanted to thank Carver and especially your parts manager for the excellent service in getting me the tooth bar for my loader. It fits great and works like a charm.
Thanks again.

Lars in Sweden

I want to express my satisfaction with my purchase of a used TLB from your business. I may seem a weird idea to import a used compact tractor to Sweden from the USA. But considering the difference in market prices between US and the European Union and the relatively weak US dollar it has proven to be a good affair.

After having decided to buy in the US my greatest concern was to find a reliable dealer to whom I could pay in advance and expect delivery to a US export harbor in due time. I found your business recommended on the TBN and decided to trust you with my deal. And I was not disappointed! I got prompt and correct answers to my mails=2 0(also after the deal was closed) and spontaneous updates concerning the export process in the US. So I felt reassured during the whol e process which is of some importance when the time from the de al to the delivery is about two months.

I wish you a happy new year.


Bob in MA
Feb. 2009
B21 Kubota


I to tell you something amazing about the tractor you sold me in 1999. I have owned it 10 years as of June this year and it still has the original battery. Has started up every time this winter even at 20 below zero....What a great tractor.

Thank you and the CE crew,

Bob in FL

Hi Carver Equip,
The mower deck installed perfectly, the cut was excellent.  It was a pleasure dealing with you.  I will recommend your company to my friends. Thanks for all of Your help.

John in CA
Feb. 2009
L3010 Kubota

Good to hear from you. My seven(?) year old HST 3010 is doing great.
Thanks for the nth time for steering me toward the L-size rather than the B-size that all the other homeowners around here have.

It has proved itself again and again when it came time to move dirt or pick up loads of road-base or relocate a dozen landscaping boulders.
All best wishes for 2009!

Paul in MA.
Jan. 2009

Thanks Carver Equip,Since 05, The L3430 cab tractor has been absolutely a dream.
While the hrs are low I assure you this tractor works hard when its running so I expect some repairs.
Carver has always been A-1 both before and after the sale.
Darn, I wish I lived closer.

I'd be dropping by all the time.

MerriJo and Steve in AZ
December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays Carver Equip,
We are loving the BX24 Kubota, as does our new rescue puppy.
Thanks for all you did for us and20getting our "baby" to AZ.
It would not have happened without your help.
Have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year !

Eddie in WV
Two years purchase. 

Here is  a new twist for you bulletin board,
John and I purchased our K ubota HST L3830 two years ago from Carver and have enjoyed every minute of it.   Not only was the staff excellent matching our needs to the proper equipment but the y were able to answer all the questions we had and give us the best price around for hundreds of miles.   It didn't take me long to figure out as a wife that I should learn how to drive this monster or do the grunt work.  Since I didn't particularly want to lift or do dirty work, I had a "friend" teach me how to drive the tractor and how to operate the bucket and bush hog.  I figured this would spare my husband the "big one and/or harsh words that might have slipped out."  I did get a kick when I saw the expression on his face the first time he saw me operating the "Big K".  Ever since we have been working side by side and/or sharing the tractor.  I figured that having the L3830 gave us another 20ten years on our lives.  Not to mention a longer marriage.  It's a great piece of equipment it was an enormous help after Isabel!  So...thanks to a great team.  

Allan in MD

Just arrived--my used B21 TLB
The tractor runs great and everything seems to be operating the way it should.  It was obvious that I need some more practice after playing around on it for an hour.    

I wanted to thank you and your team at Carver for the excellent service.  Sending the operating manuals in advance helped make things easier when I needed to drive the tractor off the flatbed.  Sending the key in advance is a very nice sales touch as much as a safety net if the new keys get lost.   

I was looking for a B21 in good condition for a while now and the tractor you sent me was better than what I expected.  It looked like a new tractor when it arrived.  I didn't want to get it dirty.  The new loader bucket on the front was unexpected but very much appreciated.  It made the tractor look new with the new Backhoe.   

Thanks again to you and Steve for the help making this long distance deal go smoothly

Phil in Tidewater, VA
October 2008

I wanted to let you know that my tractor is working great.  I use it to maintain our properties in Reedville Virginia and Suffolk Virginia.  It is very versatile and durable, saving me a lot of back breaking work.  I feel I got a great deal and hope to continue doing business with your company.


Jason in Western SC
September 2008

Hi Carver Equipment,

We made it home successfully with my used tractor-loader.  I haven't had a chance to try it out yet because it's so wet from the rain.  Just wanted to say an extra thanks to you and especially Tim.  He was very kind and patient today and definitely showed excellent customer service skills. If you guys were a little closer to home, you would get all of my business.

Thanks again,

James & Nancy in VA

Dear Carver Equipment,

We were very pleased with the new tractor we purchased from you all.  It was a pleasant experience from beginning to end.   We like to  take our time and comparison shop before=2 making a purchase, and we had a lot of questions.  You answered all our questions patiently and with detail.  You also g ave us a very competitive quote.  We felt that Carver was a solid dealer who would be there in the future.   All these positives led to our decision to choose to buy our Kubota from Carver Equipment. 

The new tractor that we purchased is a  real work-horse and a pleasure to operate, plus it's a good looking machine.  As soon as we cranked it up our neighbors flocked in to have a look.  One neighbor told us that he wishes he had bought one like ours instead of the kind he got.  I told him next time goes to Carver Equipment.

There was a lot of heavy mowing to do but the tractor has handled it nicely.  We do a lot of tree planting and were hauling mulch in the wheelbarrow. We now use the front en d loader for that job.  ; The amount of time and energy it saves us is unbelievable.    Our fields look beautiful now, thanks to our tractor.

Thanks guys,  we will recommend Carver and their products to everyone.

John in Md
July 2008

New mower deck and set of turf tires 

Thank you for the service and fast purchase.
I am very pleased with your company and staff.

Thanks again

Bill & Linda near Outer Banks, NC
November 2008

Hey Carver Guys,

Bill and I made it home fine and we both wanted to thank-you for making the purchase of our new Kubota tractor with loader "painless". We are very happy with it.  The price along with the great service we got made the trip worth while. Not often do people get a chance to enjoy the purchase as much as the product.

Thanks Again

Richard in Wake County, NC 
October 2008

I decided on the new BX24TLB purchase with Carver Equipment because of the way I was treated by everyone in helping me. When a  business never forgets how they become successful which is with the first customer and yours was many many years ago, that says a lot about how you are taken care of after the purchase. Tim was very helpful and patient with me being such a novice with this piece of e quipment. al couldn't have been more helpful, my experience was excep tional and I thank all of you.

June 08 - Feedback, Georgia

ONE of the "Best Sellers" on-line
Thanks for your help and understanding......

April , 2008  - Feedback, North Carolina
Kubota L2600 DT.

These guys are the best. No problems.
Trust Steve,Al, and Terry.

April, 2008
Feedback,  Virginia

Kubota Used ZD Mower
Great buy,Great dealing.
Just like he said it was. Would buy again.

April 2008
Feedback, Texas
Kubota Used L48

Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.
Excellent buyer experience.
Excellent TLB and good follow up after the sale,
Thanks again

Jimmy in SC

RTV 900 This is one terrific machine -- am having a blast!

I drove 5 hours to get to this dealer because he had an RTV in  the config I wanted on the lot. When the man whose name is on the sign spends 3 hours with you, you have probably picked a pretty good place! He was very patient and very fair in his allowance for my Mule and the price on the RTV. He noticed my trailer tire was a bit thin and recommended a tire store down the street - I didn't get in their door good when he pulled in just to check on me and let the tire dealer know I was a customer of his.

If you guys have any need for Kubota or Kawasaki equipment, I cant say enough about Steve Carver at Carver Equipment.

John in SC

The RTV 900 R is beyond my expectation.
It is exactly what I was looking or and you made the whole process so easy and know that I appreciate that.
I'll call you later.

Dan in GA

After looking locally without satisfaction purchased from Carver equipment and couldn't be happier.  I have even subsequently purchased filters and such from Carver's with the same pleasant experience

John in GA

I bought my tractor, fel, 60 mmm, from Carver Equipment in North Car olina.
It came delivered perfectly set up.
The axle for one of the wheels on the mower deck broke.
They sent me a new one immediately, from Carver.

When my middle blade on the 60 mmm stopped spinning, I brought it to a dealer close to my home. He did the warranty work, no questions asked, knowing of course that I did not purchase th e tractor there, even though he remembered me looking a few months back.

I bought from Carver because I saved quite a bit.
I used the loader quite a bit -- popping out rocks, moving wood, leveled a pad for a barn, etc.
I grease it every 10 hours. Not one problem yet. I have 100 hours on the machine now.

Love the tractor, no problems with either dealer.

Doug in AL

I bought a 30 HP  tractor from you a year ago and couldn't be happier with how you treated me.  The horsepower is unbelievable.  There is nothing that mower can't handle!


Dave in NC
L series tractor

Dear Mr. Carver:

I bought a tractor from you about a month ago.

I just started using it about a week ago.   I had some trouble with the tractor and called Al

Murray, our sales person.  Al took it from there.  He had your service manager call me and walk me through what needed to be done.  He sent parts immediately.20Any company will have problems, it is how they recover from them that makes=2 0the difference.

You should know, I am one of those big city guys that does not know much about tractors.  Your folks took the time to educate me and tolerated all of my questions.  I never felt any pressure.  Your company made the transaction easy.  Most important to me, I feel like I could trust your folks with my wallet.  There are not many companies you can say that about.

Thank you for having such great people and running such a20great business. It has restored my faith that there are still some honest=2 business people left.

Best Regards,

Ron in NC

To Carver Parts Dept->Thanks for getting the assembly link for my Kubota BX23 so fast.  It arrived today and i s exactly what I needed.  A day and a half is pretty fast delivery in the manuals I ordered.  I wish the dealer close by would spend some time with you. I ordered turf wheels and tires from him months ago and I had to call him today to find out they had come in.  Who knows how long he has had them.  From now on I will just order fro m you.

Again, many thanks.

Phil in NC

Hi Carver Equip folks,

Than ks for helping my wife and I with this purchase. We have been using the machine for various tasks and it has been great, I really think it will do everything we need during construction of this new house.

I would not hes itate to recommend Carver to friend who use Kubota.

The man who delivered the machine was=2 really nice. He mentioned you guys can supply parts, and I wanted to thank him as well,


Tony in NC
New BX2350

Dear Carver Equip,

I just received the spare keys for my tractor. Thank you very much.
It was a pleasure doing business with you. If I will need anything else, parts, implements etc. I will absolutely get it from you.
It is unusual to get the kind of service you provide, and I will absolutely recommend you to my friends, or whoever is in the market for tractors etc.

The gentleman that delivered the tractor to me,  was great. He showed up well ahead of the promised delivery time, and made sure I understood the operation of it before he left.

Have a great day.

Dave in NC

Thank you Carver Equipment Company for a great experience! I was struggling on what type of e quipment to buy (model number, new vs. used) and Steve Carver offered to come out to my farm and walk over and through rough terrain to evaluate my needs. I settled on a used B21 TLB and have been very well pleased. It is a powerful little machine. I said I had a farm, but I am not a farmer. I inherited the farm and new nothing about equipment. Steve’s faithful employee (30+years) Willie spent 1 3/4 hours training me and then Steve came back to my farm an d demonstrated the correct use of the loader and backhoe. We spent several hours on one humongous stump that needed dynamiting. Steve left me his cell phone number in case of emergency and c ame back by the farm the next day to check on me. NOW, THAT IS WHAT I CALL SERVICE AFTER THE SELL!!! I k now if you live in Wyoming or far away places it will be hard for Carver to come out to you, but I wouldn't bet on it. If they can't come to you, you can always come down to my farm and let Carver show you how to dig up some stumps. There are plenty of stumps to share.

Customer for life,

Ed in NC

Took delivery of my BX 2230 this weekend

Steve from Carver brought out the unit to my lot on Friday and I had a ball with it all weekend. Jumped right into cutting some pretty substantial grass and then played around in the dirt where some guys with really he avy equipment are doing some excavation for me. Got to move around some piles of dirt. Now I have to think u p some projects to get myself involved in. I am sure it won't be hard. I feel really good about the tractor and the dealer. Good stuff! 

JS in SC
New B3030

Hello  Carver Equipment Company,

Just a note to let you know I'm loving' the B3030 & f ront loader.
It's great just to get out & "play around" with it in the yard & woods. 
Of course, even better on the job.
Thanks for the quick quote & delivery.

I'm sure I'll see you sometime this year for the backhoe attachment

Steve in AZ
May 2008

Yes!!!!  The used BX24 arrived today. They brought it in early pm. I have a permanent20smile now. Thank-you so much for all that you did, and if there is anything that I can do to return the favor, please let me know, for you deserve a 20 star rating. The people who delivered the tractor were GREAT also. I would use them again in a heart beat.

John in SC

Just wanted to let you know I was pleased with the experience of buying the new BX1500 tractor from you and Hank.
You did everything in the deal you said you would and I appreciated that.
I have really enjoyed the little I have been able to use the tractor.
I also am pleasantly surprised how it handles the loader.
I, as you know, had reservations as to how strong the loader would be.  It is much more useful than I thought.

It took me a little while to learn to operate the loader with the joy stick as I was used to a Bob Cat with foot controls so I was going into the dirt and backing out instead of lifting the bucket!  

My plan is to bring it to you for the 50 hour check up.
I only have 8.5 hours on it now so it will be a little while before I do that.
I'll make an appointment so I can come down with it and have it serviced while I wait.
Again, thanks for making this a pleasant experience.

Marty in Midwest

Excellent Service with First Choice Order
Hello Steve,

I must say you folks run a first class business.

I called your sales manager Friday (02/14/03) morning placing my order for a GM30-60 First choice Grooming mower and a BB30-60 First Choice box blade. The freight company called me this morning (02/19/03) with everything delivered by noon.

I had no difficulty assembling the Mower (one hour) or the box blade (half hour).
Everything looks to be fine. I called everyone here locally and your price including the shipping c ould not be beat.

Your staff was very professional and took care of everything very efficiently.
I do enjoy great service.
Next time I need a new implement I will be calling you folks, I will also recommend you to anyone that is looking for a quality product and superb service.

Thanks again, Steve and Jonathan.

Ron in the Midwest

I got my 60” Core Aerator from Carvers Fall Sale. After calling around southeastern Michigan and not finding one. Carver delivered one in less than a week.

M. in Midwest

Just wanted you folks to know that our Aerator was delivered on 8/23. Everything went well and was in great condition. It was a pleasure doing business with you all, and I'm sure I will be in touch with any further needs that I might have.

Very sincerely

Matt in New England

Thanks Steve, I ordered a MULE from you guys a couple of mon ths ago and you helped m e pick out some options.  By the way it worked out great and we are very happy with the MULE.  If you guys ever need a reference in Vermont, you can use me.

Larry in Midwest

Thank you!
TO Carver Equip:
Thanks for the fast response on the email.

I am writing you back to tell you that I cannot believe how fast of a response and honesty you and your staff was on helping me with the problems.

I would also like to tell you that you have great service persons and also a great sales persons they were very concerned about my problem, and wanted to do whatever it takes to make it right. I was totally satisfied after talking to your service folks.

You have a great company and would not hesitate one bit on buying again from you in the future which I plan on doing again. I will recommend your store to many people.

Bill in the Midwest

I would be pleased to have20you add my note to your website as I meant every word. AND I will send you some tractor action photos and some photos of my cabin in the wilderness.  Your attention to customer service and satisfaction seems truly rare and genuine.

In this era of the Walmart mentality (bigger is better), dealing with you and your small business would have been a continuing pleasure we were looking forward to. Your references were effusive and very positive regarding your business practices. It is our hope that another deserving customer comes your way this week so you can finally buy your baby grandchild new shoes.

P. T., New England

I bought my used tractor-loader-scraper blade-mower from Carver and found him a pleasure to deal with. The truckers he used in my case was really good about giving me nightly progress reports and revised ETA while she was on=2 0the road.  One thing to consider before placing your or der is the cost of doing a package deal. If you want any attachments, work with Steve now while he has the option of rolling the shipping costs into one lump sum. 

Mike in New England

Recently purchased a tractor with a loader and mower from Carver Equip. Dunn, NC and can't say enough goo d things about them.   

Rick, upstate New York

Good morning Gentlemen,
Just a short note to thank you on such Great Service!
It was a pleasure doing business with Carver Equipment Co.
Hat's off to you and your team, I only wish we had you guys were closer.
I book- marked your address so if I need any other items I'll definitely purchase it from Carver.


Jason in Kentucky

I received the Tiller last Friday, and everything was OK. You have definitely eased my doubt about purchasing over the Internet.

Tom in East TN
New BX24 TLB  

To the fellows at Carver Equip,

Al, The equipment was delivered on Friday and Robert and his wife was a credit to your organization.  Overall this has been one of the smoothest transactions I have had; in person or over the In ternet.  The equipment was ready to go to performed flawless all weekend. You and your company has your act together!!


John in N. W.  Maine
Used L5030 hst with loader and R. cutter

Thanks Carver Equip,

I also have enjoyed my dealings with you and Carver equipment.
I might just stop by and see you the next time through. I have a real soft spot for NC since my mother was from Enfield and we lived near Wilson for years.
The trip back to my FL home is I-95 from here to the Islands, almost by your front door. Thanks again for your help.


Chuck in WI                                                  

To Carver Equipment Co., Inc.   Ref: used Kubota RTV 900

We are enjoying the Kubota RTV on a daily bases.  It starts great, drives great and has the plenty of power.  It makes doing farm chores reasonably fun.
At first, I was skeptical of doing business via email and over the Internet with a company that is over 1,200 miles away. But as our correspondences increased, so did my confidence that Carver Equipment is a company I can trust.

You eased my concerns by promptly answering every question I asked.
Your web site is easy to navigate and very informational.
Delivery was prompt and the RT V ar rived in excellent condition.

It was a pleasant experience doing business with you, and your staff.
I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.


Jean, in the Florida panhandle

520 MULE DELIVER Y WENT WELL. Yes, Robert brought the Mule this morning very early. He is an early bird. He was very nice also. Thanks a lot. My husband sure is happy with it. I may never keep him working in the yard again, as he will be riding around all over the community.

Thanks again, You people are a pleasure to do business with.
Jean in Fl

Mrs. DJ in VA 

I just wanted to write you a quick e-mail on how great Carver Equipment is. We bought a used B21 TLB from them a while back with lots of implements.

It was lots of e-mailing back and forth since I got it as a surprise for my husband and tried to read his mind at20times on what I should get.

Steve helped me read my husbands mind and did a great job at it. Very often we settled into a decision and then had to do a quick change because my husband mentioned something else to me.

After we got the tractor delivered; which, lucky as we were was actually brought to us by Steve himself. Whenever we have questions on tractors and how we can do some work on our farm our first thing is to send a e-mail to Carver Equipment and see what would help us with our work.

And they always have an answer for us.

Priceless I don't think there is a better place out there either.  If you have any doubts about buying from Carver you can call me and I am sure to rave on more about them on the phone.

Jeff in WV

Hi Steve:

I made it home in good shape. Your friendly and efficient staf f got me ou t of there in no time.

I'm very satisfied with the tractor, etc., and the whole buying process was enjoy able.  I don't always feel that way.  You'll be hearing from me when I need maintenance supplies or if I have any problems. Thanks.


Marlon in VA

Steve, Just wanted to send a note of thank you!
I love the new B2710 tractor and Moses did a great job of showing me how to use everything.
You are one of most professional, honest and price competitive businesses that I have ever worked with.

I will highly recommend Carver to anyone I talk with who is interested in a tractor.
I couldn't have asked for more throughout the process of purchasing this tractor.

Have a great Christmas
Warm regards,

Glenn in WV


Your operation and staff is one of the best I have ever dealt with! Please pass on my thanks to all of them!  I even got my grass cut and moved some dirt tonight! The BX-ldr-mower delivery contractor was great to!


Chris in VA

Hey Steve,

6:47AM the phone rings and it is the man delivering the tractor from Carver Equipment!
When you said first thing in the AM you meant it!  I run out and it is everything I expected and more.

I've already finish mowed 4 or so acres and the  finish mower leaves a wonderful cut!
My wife even commented on how good the grass looks.

I was second guessing myself on getting the R1's but they didn't20tear up the grass until I got down by the pond.

Thanks again and you may use me as a reference for prospective buyers!


Doug in VA

Steve, I recently purchased a Kubota Tractor from your company and was very satisfied with the whole experience. Everyone were very professional, courteous and responsive to my inquiries. You've put Dunn, NC on my map and Carver Equipment Co. as the place to purchase quality farm equipment. If any of my friends or coworkers should ever be in the market for a tractor, Ill be sure to send them your way. You have a great team working for you!

Best regards, 

Julian in VA


I want to express to you, how truly impressed I am with you and Carver Company.  I have seldom been treated with20the customer service and genuine caring about ones customers that you live by.

Not only do you sell a quality product, but you back that up with a quality customer service policy, which is the manner you want your customers to live with after the purchase…it is a policy you do not se e anymore and we are the less for it. 

Thanks for making my Kubota Tractor purchase pleasurable, with a peace of mind of “after the sale”, a rar ity in the world of today.
I look forward to seeing you again.

Chris in VA

The parts arrived yesterday, just one day after we spoke on the phone. 

You guys have the best customer service anyone could ask for.

Doug in VA

On Feb 14, you delivered a 2002 L3010GST to my home in New Kent, VA. ( just east of Richmond, VA.)  To say that I am pleased with my purchase, the service and treatment I received fro m you and your folks would be a Vass under statement.  I'll soon be 62 years young (20 year old mind) and its been forever since I've been treated with the respect, kindne ss and friendliness y ou have shown me.  My questions were answered in timely, knowledgeable fashion, you responded to my e-mail and calls very quickly.   There was no jerking around, bate and switch or any thing that evens came close to being underhanded.

Its a shame that all business does not operate as you do.
Most large companies could and should come down to Dunn, NC and learn how to do business and treat their customers.

Please feel free to use my name, address, phone number or e-mail in anyway.

I can only tell folks how good it was; I just wish you were closer to where I live.

Michael in NC
March, 2009
New BX2350

Thanks for the fast delivery. I sure do like that Robert (your delivery person). He is a very nice gentleman and knows his business.

The tractor and equipme nt were delivered without a scratch. Thanks for everything and your answering all my questions. I will recommend 

Carver Equipment in the future.

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