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Greenscape Conservation Seeders


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The Greenscape Conservation Seeder effectively prepares the soil, drops and lightly covers the seed, and firmly presses the soil for a perfectly prepared seedbed.

It is designed to achieve a perfect pattern across the working width of the machine; no row effect as with drills of knife type overseeders.

This machine will seed into all conditions, including primary seeding into prepared ground or overseeding into existing vegetation.

It is ground driven and has no PTO shafts or gearboxes. It requires only a 35 horsepower tractor to operate.

An optional precision small seed box is available. It allows the planting of virtually any type or size seed and, at any rate that you desire.

BUT...What about parts? See the Video below:

Steve discusses parts support.

Typical Users Include:
Landscape Contractors - seeding, overseeding lawns
Landowners/Farmers - grassed waterways, field borders, wetlands
Dept. of Transportation - roadside seeding and overseeding, wildflower programs
Sportsmen/Hunters - wildlife food plots
Livestock/Horse owners - pasture seeding and overseeding
Developers - erosion control projects
Utility Contractors - pipeline seeding
Golf Courses - seeding, maintaining fairways, borders, rough areas
Park/Recreation Dept. - seeding grass areas, athletic fields
National Wildlife Refuges - establishing wildlife habitat
Park Services - land reclamation projects
Forest Service - seeding roads, fire lanes, logging roads
Vineyards/Orchards - between row seeding of cover crops

Typical Machines Uses Include:
Initial grass seeding for new lawns, pastures, field borders and ditch banks
Overseeding lawns, pastures, etc.
Aerating grass areas
Final seedbed preparation on bare ground
Repairing bare spots on turf farms, waterways, etc.
Seeding wildlife food plots and soil - water conservation areas
Highway roadsides and right-of-ways and DOT wildflower program
Golf course areas

Machine features include:

Heavy tubular design construction
All ground driven
Precision metering cups
Rear roller packer across full width of working area
Seed Box: water tight and with agitator shaft and calibration chart and seeding rate chart
Spiker roller: driven rollers crumble soil to create perfect seedbed
Torque arm that keeps constant adjustable down-pressure on the cultipacker

Twin seed boxes for seeding two different types of seeds with one pass.
Drive sprockets: different sizes for various seeding rates.


Model                        Greenscape 600    Greenscape 840

Working Width                                   60"                                 84"
Overall Width                                     73"                                98"
Overall Length                                    67"                               76"
Overall Height                                    48"                                54"
Approx. Weight                         1420 lbs                        2090 lbs
Horsepower Required                    30+ hp                        50+ hp
Large Seed box                      3.50 bushels                 8.25 bushels
Legume Seed box                  1.50 bushels                  3.12 bushels
Native Seed box                     3.50 bushels                  8.25 bushels
Fertilizer Box                        3.50 bushels                   8.25 bushels

High ground speed - up to 7 MPH
Full width broadcast coverage - NO ROW EFFECT!
Seed or overseed in any condition:
Abrasive-Resistant mining steel tines for extremely high wear
Front Roller aggressively drives second roller 40% faster
High quality - High precision seed cups for precise seed distribution
Seed disengagement system for aeration & seed cup safety shear pin
Reinforced Nylon or Cast Iron corrugated roller rings

Hoppers - Seed boxes Available:
Large Grass seed box for Fescue, Rye, KY-31
Small seed Legume Box for Centipede, Clover, Bermuda, etc.
Native Seed box with picker wheel for Little Blue Stem, Indian Grass, etc
Stainless Steel Fertilizer hopper to apply fertilizer and seeds with one pass
View the available Seed Hoppers and Typical Seeds

Seed Sizes:
Legume Seed box (small hopper):
All small round types seeds that flow easily and are generally planted at a fairly low rate, typically from as low as 3 lbs. per acre to about 65 lbs. per acre. This would include all clover, alfalfa, brassicas and many flowers that have seed counts from about 100,000 seeds/lb to well over 7,000,000 seeds/lb. The seed size diameter would be from about 3/16" (5 mm) to as small as 1/128" (0.019 mm).

Large Seedbox:
All cereal grains, rye, wheat, oats barley and rice. Any seeds that are irregular shaped (elongated, rice shape) but still flow easily should be planted with this box. Most cool season grasses, such as fescue, ryegrass and bluegrass would be planted with this box. All types of beans, peas, corn and sunflowers can be planted with this box. Seed sizes would be from about 3/8" (9.5 mm) elongated up to about 3/8" (9.5 mm) diameter round. Seeding rates are typically from about 25 lbs. per acre to 400 lbs. per acre

Native Grass Seed box:
Any seed that does not flow well because of chaff, beards, trash, etc should be planted in this box. This includes many annual and perennial warm season native grasses that are very light and fluffy. Any seed type that will not flow easily through your fingers when held apart would need to go in this box. Seeding rates typically are from 8 to 100 lbs. per acre.

29 - 3 - 6 Turf Fertilizer
Bulk Density: 49.5 lb/cu.ft.

Model 600 fert. box 3.50 bu
4.4 cu. ft
x 49.5 lbs per cu ft
Fert. Box capacity approx 217.80 lbs

Model 840 fert. box 8.25 bu
10.3 cu. ft
x 49.5 lbs per cu ft
Fert. Box capacity approx 509.85 lbs

Shipping - Delivery Cost
All prepaid with order and mower purchase. No CODs. Options are listed lowest (top) to highest cost (bottom).

Select check boxes for the type delivery you are considering.
Private Hauler - Customer Provided
Customer arranges for private hauler pickup at our USA Distribution Center. Wilson NC zip 27893. Requires advance 24 hours prepayment to our sales office by check, wire transfer or credit cards. Weekdays, 9 AM - 3 PM. Load out service only. No retail services at this location. No charge for load-out service.

Ship to a Estes Express or Averitt Express (or western connecting freight company) Terminal.
Requires customer pickup at the terminal with pick up or trailer. The terminal personnel will load the crate onto your vehicle with forklift. Least costly way to ship.

Ship to a Registered Business Location (not home or farm office)
Ship to a regular business area where large semi truck-trailers can easily go and come. The business will have 8 - 5 operating hours and a loading ramp / dock or forklift / front end loader that will be onsite to unload the crate. Customer can arrange details with the business. Usually same price as terminal delivery unless the business is at extreme remote region as far as truck lines are concerned.

Ship to a Home Business, Residence, Farm-Ranch
Where an adult is present and unloading equipment is available 8-5 hours and at a place with roads and street where large semi truck-trailers can easily go and come. When available, usually adds $50. - $ 100.+ estimate above cost of terminal delivery-pickup.

Ship with Lift Gate - Hydraulic raise-lower to ground level to a Home Business, Residence, Farm-Ranch
Where an adult is present and unloading equipment is available 8-5 hours and at a place with roads and street where large semi truck-trailers can easily go and come. When available, usually adds $100. - $ 150.+ estimate above cost of terminal delivery-pickup.

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