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The Farm-Maxx mini round balers can help farmers, ranchers, estate managers convert hay, straw, pine needles, mowing and harvest residue and waste, stalks into marketable commodity to generate income.
There are many sustainable and growing retail markets for hay and pine needles and the others are excellent for cattle fodder, mulch and beds for box and mushroom farming, paper pulp and power generation. After a brief "learning curve" time, the baler is easy to operate and its simple design/constructions allows most buyers to be able to start performance baling within a few hours.

The advantages of the Farm-Maxx mini round baler include:
- Lower investment cost
- Operates in small spaces
- Requires only a 15 HP tractor with 540 PTO and three-point hitch
- Light weight at 1,025 lbs
- Safe to operate
- Easy to transport and will fit into full-size pick-up bed
- Very easy to store compared to large balers

Mini Round Bales:
- Lighter and easy to lift, stack, store, transport
- Hold up well to rain and dew
- Easy to use in small feeders


* Pricing and specifications are subject to change without advance notice.
The Farm Maxx baler comes with over $1,000.00 retail value of standard equipment and $650.00 retail value spare parts kit that would have to be added to the purchase price of other brands to be equal. It is manufactured, in INDIA by Redlands Ashlyn, It's like comparing a low cost bargain car to luxury one even though they all kind'a look alike at glance.

Model FMRB-330 Twine Wrap Mini Round Baler*

FMRB-330 Round Balers feature robust construction for years of
trouble free hay bailing.
Order now at no extra charge-> Push-button remote bale release Tool kit
Order now at no extra charge-> Serious $600. retail spare parts package

- Excellent start up video link
- Instruction manual for assembly and operation
AND a ball of hemp twine..

We almost never have problems when shipping. However, "Paint Scrapes and Bruises" are a reality of buying heavy implements with direct shipping via trucks/trailers/forklifts across the country and without having a dealer clean, assembly and touch up scrapes and bruises before a retail buyer ever sees the product.

Important to Know and Remember:
The assembly required with each implement is not easy and can best be done by someone with experience assembling and field testing and setting up farm and haying implements. Farm Maxx mini round balers, drum mowers and or sickle bar mowers are shipped on a steel or wood pallets wrapped with hd plastic. It will require several hours' time of serious work to assemble using standard metric tools and a small saw or handheld disk grinder when trimming the pto shaft. A healthy helper with heavy lifting ability will be needed as well as floor jack and lifting devices as the components are heavy. First time tractor/implement owners and folks not accustomed to assembling farm and hay tool - implements will be wise to solicit the assistance from someone having experience and current knowledge about assembling and setting up / starting up the equipment in the field.
The mfg.s in Europe offer std. minimal assembly and operating instructions for experienced dealer techs. We add helpful videos and tips.
Please know that every new operator, on their own, will have a "learning curve" period of time to actually learning the delicate points about setting up, adjusting, fine tuning and operating the implement.

Shipping cost/details to your farm location.
Shipping....to a location where an 18-wheeler with long transport box trailer can park safely while unloading, even at the end of your driveway. If you order includes lift gate service, the driver will lower the implement down to ground level then it's your responsibility to move it to your barn. If not with liftgate service, it is your responsibility to unload the implement with a loader or forklift and move it your barn. If this is a problem for you, bring it to my attention immediately and we can discuss some options and avoid surprises.

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