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"Joy," oh yes. Compared to the others "It's a joy." 

One hand, Easy operation with the valve located in an EASY TO REACH position.  It is one lever for the loader operation.

Compared to some products where you have to use:
    2 levers, lots of fingers, uncomfortable a best -- and aggravating at the end 
of the day's work.  or BEWARE of this one some folks -- save you some money by plumbing the loader operation into the remote control valve of the tractor (instead of providing a separate loader control valve with a single lever JOYSTICK with float) This practice does save a dollar BUT usually:

    puts you operating the loader by bending down or reaching back to grab several different handles at the same time you are trying the maneuver the tractor. It's a pain.
The remote valve route also usually means you cannot use your three point hitch if the loader is operating (plugged in) and always means you've got lots of unsightly hoses hanging around and under the tractor.

What is a JOY STICK?
It is the front end loader control valve lever.  A "joy" because it is NOW DESIGNED so the loader may be fully operated with one hand on one easy to touch lever instead on two levers that are to reach. Older loaders and "some lesser value" loaders now have one lever for the raise/lower function and another lever for the bucket curl/dump function. 
Each lever would be moved forward or back to apply hydraulic pressure to achieve the desired function/movement.  The JOY STICK - may be manipulated within the control valve linkages to operate any one of the four functions. On some loaders, two functions may be performed at one time. I.e.: raise and curl or dump and lower.

Float is a "detent valve position" on the Joystick control.  It is located full forward -- just past the lower loader position.  When you push the loader control valve handle (Joystick) full forward and into the float position, it allows the loader frame TO FLOAT on the ground 
with only the loader weight being applied.  This feature (not available on a lot of brands) allows you to fine grade, clean hard surfaces, back drag loose materials/gravel/dirt without placing down pressure on the bucket.  Often times it is difficult to do this (without float) because control valves use down pressure to lower the loader frame/bucket. Often times, you end up having to make constant and continuing fine adjustments to the bucket cutting edge as you try to fine grade and back drag.

The main issues is:
Down pressure on the loader bucket = less front end tractor weight = less traction = more spinning / slippage = less performance and less pay load moved.  Some operators/owners never master the skill of keeping the front wheels on the ground and pulling. Therefore many never get the full benefit of 4wd because of this operating error. Many times the "float position" will cure this ailment with operators, myself included.

How would it be different from the old two lever loaders?
Often times, other main brand and most OFF BRAND loaders do not have the DETENTED FLOAT POSITION as a feature on the control valve. In other words, if you push the lever FULL FORWARD -- you simply apply down pressure.

Will I still be able to apply down pressure and lift the front wheels?
YES, roll the bucket cutting edge down.  Push the lever forward (but not into the detent position). The loader applies down pressure. The wheels are raised. Just like FLOAT POSITION wasn't even there.